The whole family can now learn Martial Arts together! (children 6 years+). We will get you and your family into the best shape of your lives, teach you self defence, help you reach your goals, meet new friends, increase your self confidence and much, much more.


Xeno Martial Arts teaches Kicks based on Taisudo, Tukido, Taekwondo and other Korean Arts. Western Boxing provides most of the hand techniques. We teach a Martial Art that teaches the practitioner techniques for defence and offence regardless of age and sex.


All instructors are fully qualified Kickboxing Instructors through Cobra Martial Arts Association (CMAA), having trained & competed in Kickboxing and various martial arts for many years, hold an DBS and are all first aid trained.


Milner and Broomfields classes are closed until further notice.


16:45 – 18:00

Sandymoor Community Hall


16:00 – 17:15

Sandymoor Community Hall


Lessons can be payed monthly at a saving or adhoc for the prices below:


Each ADHOC lesson will cost:

  • After 2 lessons you will need to buy a membership. Student Insurance is included in CMAA membership FREE OF CHARGE. This will cost you £22.00 each year.
  • After 8 – 10 weeks you will need to buy a GI/uniform. This can be bought from Xeno N.B: You must have paid your membership and bought a CMAA licence before you can buy or wear a Xeno Gi.
  • Junior & Adult Gradings are held every 3 months and cost £20.00. To grade is optional. Check out our syllabus here.
  • Eventually you will need to buy gloves, feet pads, shin pads etc. You will not need these until you have passed your first grading, 9th KYU White belt Yellow tags. These can be bought from your instructor.


“Mark is responsible for my passion for martial arts. He is a brilliant teacher; very understanding, patient and good at challenging students of all abilities. His classes encouraged me to learn new skills, meet lots of new people and become fitter than ever. Since moving away for university I have tried numerous other martial arts clubs and not been able to find an instructor as good as Mark.”


“Recommendation- had never tried martial arts before but, coming into this as a novice, the instructor made me feel really welcome and was incredibly patience. Have really enjoyed classes and the bonus is that I've have come fitter and lost weight!”


“I trained with Mark for a number of years in the North east, he is a great instructor. He is patient but firm, I would train with him any day if he was up here. He also has the time and patience for every grade from children to adults. He is the real life kung fu panda!! Spinning turning kicks amazing. Miss training with him loads!!”


“Before I started kickboxing I struggled with my confidence and really wanted to become more outgoing and improve my fitness at the same time. Mark made me feel very welcome starting the class and gave me the confidence to try new techniques right from the first lesson. I always found it extremely helpful the way Mark broke down each technique into manageable chunks to ensure you understood each move before improving your speed and power. Mark could apply each individual technique into a real life situation. We were always encouraged to ask questions and he would happily show us the application of what we were doing, which made learning the moves easier. Overall, I loved being part of the community Mark created. The skills I learnt in Mark's sessions have stuck with me through the years. Not only did I become fitter (as the classes always challenged your fitness!) but I became I much more confident person.”


“Highly recommended instructor with wonderful classes which are always well thought through and varied. You can learn in a fun and friendly environment whilst always feeling that you have progressed and have taken something new away from the session.”