What equipment do I need?

A comfortable pair of shorts with room to move and a T-shirt. Eventually you will be required to purchase a club suit from your Instructor before you take part in Gradings. For sparring, the basic protective equipment can also be bought from your Instructor. In addition you will need a mouth-guard, groin guard and possibly shin and instep protectors.

Is Kickboxing a healthy sport?

We strongly believe that in Kickboxing you have found one of the healthiest sports that you can take part in. The fighting techniques are relevant to the self defence street scenario (a must nowadays) and to fighting in the ring. Also the kicking action burns all the unwanted fat in those hard to get at places like abdomen, buttocks and in the upper leg. You tone muscle as you get fit. The muscles gain mass but unlike bodybuilding they also have plenty of strength as well.

How do you tie your belt?